I’m a IT professional for a short 20 years and think I can say what a lot of people can’t, I love my job and lucky I could make my hobby my job.
Studied Information Technology in South Africa and did all my Microsoft Certified titles abroad in Holland.
I enjoy a good workout in the gym and love rugby.

My LinkedIn profile

CMS Website

Joomla and WordPress are at this moment the hottest CMS systems in use.
I love working with Joomla because I find it more secure and logical, but of course I also work with WordPress.

Web Design

As art student I learnt that design and functionality cannot exist without the-other.
Website and graphic designer Paul Cookson once said “Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”

Little Bit Of Everything

In the 20 years as IT professional I learnt that it’s always handy to be a person of all trades in the computer and internet business because you never know….

Chrismar Contractors is a Namibian based client.
It’s an all in one contracting company, from designing your house to building it and custom furniture for your house.
It's a Joomla based website and 100% responsive. 

CHRISMAR Constractors

M van Niekerk Attorneys is a South African based law firm.
It's a Joomla based website and 100% responsive. 

M van Niekerk Attorneys

This I built for a promoting/advertising company in Holland.  With this they can manage locations and events f for promoting actions and big events.
It's a Joomla based website/application and 100% responsive. 

Location and Event Planner